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marli's story

a journey through sensory processing


about us

MarliBox offers themed learning kits that celebrate diversity, inclusion, and social emotional learning. Each box includes a special book, two crafts, a sensory bin, and a parent guide to support their children’s cognitive development and ways to encourage unstructured play. With the exception of the crafts and suggested parent activities, MarliBox is intended to be completely unstructured and open to the imagination of the child.


To provide all young children the sensory tools to support their social-emotional learning and development
through imaginative play and literacy exploration.


our story

Our story starts in our own home. It begins with the journey of learning more about our daughter's sensory processing needs, as well as providing a way to support emotional self-management and building healthy relationships.

marlibox themes

We currently offer four social-emotional learning themes: Diversity, Mindfulness, Perseverance, and Indigenous Communities. As we expand and grow, we will be adding additional themes to further support various social-emotional skills.


get involved!

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our volunteers are the heart of our team! We're are always looking for additional helpers. We offer opportunities to pre-assemble materials, assemble the marliboxes, and prepare them for delivery.


about sensorplay

Sensory play is an early childhood intervention strategy that is used frequently with young children who exhibit symptoms of sensory processing disorders and anxiety. It creates a safe and open-ended space to explore the senses and imagination through role-play and building language connections. Playing with different types of texture and objects help children build new ways of talking about the world. Listening to a story further builds upon language skills and provides opportunities to role-play social-emotional behaviors that are critical in relationship building and self-regulating their own emotions. Each MarliBox includes an age appropriate book and crafts that also encourage language development and social-emotional understanding of concepts such as self-compassion, anti-racism, mindfulness, kindness, and community.

why is sensorplasimportant?

  • Fosters independent, open play

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Provides a sense of calmness

  • Teaches problem solving

  • Encourages use of imagination

  • Utilizes different senses

  • Development of fine motor skills

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