Marliboxes offer open-ended self-directed play that incorporates social-emotional learning and applies to different learning and thinking styles. When the materials inside these sensory kits are offered to children without an expectation of a finished product, children use their imaginations, motor skills, and language to make sense of the materials in their own way. The magic of sensory play is in how it inspires creativity, independence, and self-confidence.

Although sensory bins are perfect for a variety of ages, most of our donated products, including books, are geared towards ages 3-6. Each Marlibox, including a themed book and two crafts, cost between $25-30 to assemble, package, and ship. We rely heavily on donations to meet our quarterly goals of distributing bulk orders to community partner organizations. Each MarliBox is then given directly to a child in need. Below are the MarliBoxes that are currently circulating throughout the communities.

We do offer our donors the ability to purchase Marliboxes during our quarterly fundraising campaigns. Connect with us via social media to receive updates on upcoming campaigns!

The look of pure bliss! Our first bulk shipment of 150 Signature MarliBoxes were delivered to United for Brownsville in September of 2020. They are a a collaborative of families and professionals who are improving the early childhood system in Brownsville, Brooklyn. We are grateful to partner with them and look forward to distributing more bulk shipments of MarliBoxes to our additional partners.



The Signature MarliBox

Our signature box celebrates diversity and brings together symbols of inclusion and multicultural representation. It provides learning objects that are colorful and open-ended. It includes the book All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold. 

The Mindfulness MarliBox

Our mindfulness box is a collection of calm and soothing elements, such as a sand art mandala, mindfulness ABC cards, stone art, and lavender scented play-dough. It includes the book Meditate with Me: A Step-By-Step Mindfulness Journey by Mariam Gates.

An Indigenous Community MarliBox


Our indigenous community box celebrate nature and the environment. It includes objects that are symbolic of the land and sea. ​It includes the book Water Protectors by Carole Lindstrom.

The Feelings MarliBox