Volunteering for MarliBox consists mostly of preparing supplies and assembling boxes for community distribution. During this time, all volunteering is done outside on a patio, weather permitting, to remain safe during this global pandemic. We do have extra PPE supplies and hand sanitizer available.


UPDATE: We have decided to temporarily cancel any volunteering due to the increase of COVID cases.



Community Partnerships are an integral part of our mission to providing MarliBoxes directly to the community. If your organization is a nonprofit that serves young children in the community, please contact us to discuss opportunities to maximize our reach and contributions. We welcome inquiries on bulk orders and meeting your organization's unique needs.


At this time, MarliBoxes are only available for purchase through our quarterly fundraising events.

If you are a nonprofit organization that provides educational support services directly to the community, please contact us for inquiries on bulk ordering. You can reach us at or (202) 734-7556.